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Kids rooms & bedding made easy. Browse through our hand-selected and stylish collection of girls and boys bedding. Find cozy bedding in exclusive colors and patterns. We’ve got bedtime covered with our wide selection of kids quilts and comforters.


Butterfly Garden Bedroom Theme

What little girl wouldn’t adore a pretty room filled with magical butterflies? Butterfly theme bedrooms are simple to create, and the possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect theme for a room to dream, play and grow in, inspiring little imaginations through the use of color, shape and form. This design of room is a very soothing and relaxing environment, filled with meadows, soft colors, grass, butterflies, flowers, and whimsical objects. [View the Collection]

Kids Safari Bedroom

Bring the style of the Savanna to your child’s space by creating a jungle or kids safari bedroom. Although this look is most often desired by little boys, it can also be perfect for an adventurous young girl. Find an extensive collection of adorable safari bedding, covered with zoo animals such as elephants, lions, zebras and tigers. Add woven rugs with African-inspired patterns to continue the safari theme. Other great additions are world globes, suitcase storage and safari art. [View the Collection]

Kids Ballerina Bedroom

If your little girl is a ballerina at heart, then help her bring the hobby home with ballet room decor. Dress up any space with tutu or slipper accents; she’ll agree that there can never be too many. Shop these plié-inspired picks now to get the look. Shop dance and ballet-themed art, bedding and decor to create a magical girls ballet themed bedroom. [View the Collection]

Kids Nautical Bedroom Theme

There are many nautical kids bedding comforters and quilts available online, with coordinating accessories such as curtains, area rugs and wall art. With bedding, there are two options. One is to purchase a bedding set which incorporates nautical inspired images, such as ships, lighthouses, boats, anchors, stripes and marine prints or go with solid color bedding in shades of blue or white. The second option is to use subtle shades of gray, blue and tan. [View the Collection]

Bohemian Bedroom Theme

Create a kids bohemian bedroom for your little one. Boho style is eclectic, and can be dreamy and romantic, vintage rock and roll and southwestern all at once. We hope you enjoy browsing through our curated selection of bohemian bedding and room decor.  We’ve included boho bedding sets from Lennon & Maisy that celebrate creativity with eclectic, worldy patterns and vintage inspired pieces, as well as country-music inspired pieces from Junk Gypsy. [View the Collection]

Kids Outer Space Bedroom

An outer space bedroom is the perfect choice for boys who love planets, rockets, galaxies and all things related to outer space. There are many options available to assist in creating an outer space theme room. As this is a very popular theme for young boys, there is a very unique selection of comforters and quilts full of planets and astronauts available. Browse through our curated selection of outer space bedding & room decor. [View the Collection]

Little Cowgirl Theme Kids Bedroom

What little girl wouldn’t adore a magical room filled with horses and ponies? A cowgirl bedroom theme is simple to create, and the possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect theme for a room to dream, play and grow in for girls who love horses and the outdoors. This design can easily be achieved through several different approaches. One by incorporating the look and feel of the old west with a rustic flare, or by creating an environment that lends itself to soft pastels. [View the Collection]

Dinosaur Theme Bedroom

Kids dinosaur bedrooms are perhaps one of the most popular choices with little boys. If you are wanting to create a dinosaur bedroom for your little one, please find some tips and suggestions that will help in creating a unique room design at the bottom of this page. It can be fun to have your child involved in the design process, as you can research dinosaurs and their habitat together! [View the Collection]

Kids Christmas Bedding

Wake up in a great mood every day and celebrate the season with Christmas bedding and holiday bedding sets in an array of festive colors and prints. Browse through a curated selection of Christmas quilts, duvet covers and comforters for the nursery, kids and adult bedrooms. The Christmas season is all about being festive and creating a cozy atmosphere for ourselves, loved one’s and guests.  [View the Collection]

FEATURED KIDS ROOM THEME: Camping/Woodland Theme

Kids Woodland Bedroom

If you are interested in creating a magical kids woodland bedroom theme room for your child – here’s some great rustic and woodland décor that go hand in hand in achieving this type of design. It’s easy to conjure the feel of a woodland retreat by incorporating plaids, faux campfire, log furniture, playhouse teepees, stone and animal accessories. Cozy plaid bedding brings in the feeling of wearing a cozy flannel shirt on a cold winter’s day…[read more]


Kids’ Bedding Puts the Focus on Individuality

Even though it may be popular today to think of your children as just small-size adults, it’s simply not the case. Not only do they have different needs, but they also exhibit distinctly erratic and short-lived preferences, in terms of toys, foods and what they want for their rooms. And, make no mistake, kids rooms are a personal refuge, a haven apart from the rest of the family, and your kids are often fiercely protective of their own domains.

In order to provide a comfortable cocoon to serve the physical and emotional needs of your child, in addition to meeting that very real need for sleep, you can afford to cater to at least a few of your kids’ wants. The truth is that your last chance for expressing your own preferences in a kids room disappeared when you put the finishing touches on the nursery!

Kids Rooms: Boredom is a NO NO!

Neutral is a word not often found in a child’s vocabulary. So, don’t think you’ll get away with neutral bedding in your kids’ rooms. Buyer Select searches out the most popular trends and brings the best to you. Accept the fact that a room for anyone under 18 is going to be a very “personal” space. Save the neutral tones for your own bedroom, and create a Zen space to provide the peaceful escape you need at the end of the day. Buy the best mattress and pillows you can afford for your kids to support growing bodies and prevent posture problems, and resolve to have fun with the decorating.

Kids Rooms: Give In to Trendy

You may adore classic, simple and traditional in your family spaces, but know that your kids’ enthusiasms can change almost as often as they change their socks. Embrace some of their quirky design ideas and moderate others to an acceptable level. As much as your toddler loves pink ruffles and sparkly stars, it is likely that pre-teens will be lobbying for giant black and while polka dots accented with brilliant yellow or deep purple tie-die with a dash of orange. Your son may move quickly from sailboats to soccer balls to camouflage prints and then bounce back just as quickly to primary color blocks, rugby stripes, signal flags or robots.

Kids Rooms: Stay Loose, Stay Flexible

Keeping up with your kids’ style wants is easier if you put some thought into initial selection. Shop Buyer Select for reversible comforters or choose a patterned duvet cover as well as a second alternative in a solid color. Buy a variety of pillow shams that you can mix and match. Let your kids pick a couple of inexpensive accent pillows that relate to their current “loves” — they can be sports or pop music “idols” or a particular super hero. Pass them on to a friend or a sibling when your kid tires of them. Shop for quality and value; but remember that long-lasting is not a necessary goal. Nor is high cost. Take advantage of the specials we find, and then take your kids out for ice cream!

Kids Rooms: Mix and Layer, Add and Subtract

You can up the ante on creativity by adding and subtracting pieces based on the seasons; layer blankets and quilts to add a lot of “cozy” during the winter. Let your kids help decorate their rooms with artwork and accessories for each holiday. Encourage neatness, if you can. But, most of all, encourage them to make their own decisions based on your budget and their own preferences. They’ll love you for it!
Kids bedding made easy. Browse through our hand-selected and stylish collection of girls and boys bedding. Find cozy bedding in exclusive colors and patterns. We’ve got bedtime covered with our wide selection of kids quilts and comforters.