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Bring the style of the Savanna to your child’s space by creating a jungle or kids safari bedroom. Although this look is most often desired by little boys, it can also be perfect for an adventurous young girl. Find an extensive collection of adorable safari bedding, covered with zoo animals such as elephants, lions, zebras and tigers. Add woven rugs with African-inspired patterns to continue the safari theme. Other great additions are world globes, suitcase storage and safari art. Pops of green and orange accents in an otherwise neutral room, are the perfect way to the bring the jungle into your little one’s room. Shop by theme: jungle safari bedroom, woodland bedroom, outerspace, kids nautical bedroom and woodland bedroom.



The most simple way to start designing a kids safari bedroom, is by choosing a jungle or safari bedding set to use as the initial centerpiece. There are many quilt and comforter sets available that depict safari scenery and animals, such as lions, zebras, giraffes and tigers. Safari bedding can be found in bold and dynamic colors, as well as more muted, earth tone shades. There is also the option of animal print bedding, with zebra, giraffe or leopard print patterns.

When I have designed a safari room for a teenager, I generally prefer to start with a solid tan or creme color comforter, and incorporate the animal print patterns into cushions that are placed on the bed, and larger one’s on the floor, in groups of three.

Walls can be painted in a color taken directly from the bedding, in a more muted tone, or perhaps a bolder one, depending upon the look you are seeking. Colors most typically associated with a safari theme are tan, green or ivory. Paint color can also reflect the savannah’s, using tans, gold’s and ivories, with the ceiling having some blue added to indicate the wide expanse of sky. For an older child, soft tones of brown work well. If there is a color that is predominant in the bedding, such as a bright orange, this can also be a creative approach to take.

There are many accessories and options available that can be integrated into a safari theme bedroom, which help complete the look, or pull it together.

1. Consider animal print or safari theme wall murals, wallpaper, or borders. Have an artist paint a safari theme on one of the walls. Murals can include tropical plants, flowers and trees as well as monkeys, lions, zebras, toucans, parrots, cockatoos and giraffes.

2. Wall art is another method to further enhance the theme. You can purchase prints depicting jungle scenes and animals, or simply cut out images you like from magazines and books and frame them. There are many web sites that sell stock print photography, for as low as $2.00 per image. I usually take this route, as the images can be printed in sizes that fit standard frames, hung on the wall, or clustered in small groups on dressers or built-in storage cubicles. If you are handy with Adobe Photoshop or a similar program, you can create your own artwork. For my teenage daughter’s room, I used one image of a zebra, erased the white stripes, and incorporated other unique colors of her choice into the empty space.

3. Add some stuffed animals, such as lions, elephants and zebras. They can be placed on the bed, a chair, or a large giraffe tucked into a corner works well. Incorporate accessories such as netting, binoculars and animal print pillows. For an older child, large weathered African style vases stuffed with twisting branches looks great. You can purchase the branches at many home decor stores, and they look best in black. When grouping items together, odd numbers work best, e.g. three animal print cushions on the bed, rather than two. Odd numbers seem to create a better balance.

4. Border the room in large leafy plants to create a feeling of being enclosed, or tucked into the jungle. Plants and trees can be real, fake or painted on the walls.

5. Rugs, Curtains and lighting can also add to the safari theme. Choices available are thick green or earth tone rugs, or floor mats. When searching for a safari bedding set, often a coordinating rug is also available for purchase. For older kids, an animal print area rug is a good option. Curtains can be purchased that coordinate with the bedding, with the same print reflected in the valence, or solid colors that reflect a color that exists in the bedding. When choosing window treatments, or paint color, it’s a great idea to bring the bedding with you to the store. Lampshades can be purchased in earth tone shades, or again, by picking out a color from the bedding. I like to pick out a brighter color sometimes, like an orange or blue as it adds a splash of color.

6. If you feel comfortable with painting, you can paint the walls of the room a soft blue color, and then paint images of cartoon type giraffes, tigers and lions throughout the room.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Have fun creating your kids safari bedroom!

Written by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen


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